bihari chicken curry

 If you have never heard of Bihari Chicken Curry, you are missing out! Also known as garlic chicken, this curry is cooked with whole garlic pods that gives the dish a strong garlick-y flavor. Plus it has everything that you’d want in a chicken curry - juicy, succulent pieces of chicken, a lip smacking spicy gravy, and robust, punchy flavors that will keep you coming back for more! 

top tips to make the best bihari chicken curry 

  • You can use boneless chicken pieces for this Bihari chicken curry, however I recommend using chicken thighs only. Chicken breast pieces cannot withstand the high cooking temperatures and tends to dry out during the cooking process. 
  • My homemade garam masala powder is a lot more potent than store-bought ones. If you’re using a store-bought one, then you'll need  a little extra (see recipe card below for exact measurements).  
  • This chicken curry is spicy but that's the hallmark of a good Bihari chicken curry, so make sure to adjust the chillies as per your spice tolerance.  

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